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Change a Life!
Mentor God’s People 

It is our mission to end generational cycles

Studies show that Youth, Adults, Incarcerated individuals and former incarcerated individuals who have a mentor are far more likely to re-gain their self-worth, strengthen their relationships with others and thrive more positively in society.  Youth with mentors are far more likely to stay in school and attend college, form positive social attitudes and relationships, and are better equipped to deal with challenging life transitions. Adults, those in prison or those formerly incarcerated are better equipped to transition back into society and connect to many support services if they have a mentor.    NOTHING will have more impact in their lives than positive relationships. 

• A sincere desire and ability to be a caring and consistent adult in a person's life
• Respect  and  honor  an individual for who they are
• Have an open mind, a flexible personality and a desire for personal growth
• Have good listening skills and the ability to give and receive constructive feedback
• Have the ability to have fun and share your interests and passions
• Help awaken a youth or adult to who they are intended to be and to use  the gifts they have to offer the world
• Express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power and expand possibilities

WHAT  IS REQUIRED of a Mentor?
1- Be at least 21 years old
2- Be able to make a year-long commitment of weekly visits with the mentoree
3- Attend an orientation training available once or twice a month

4- Complete a 6 hours training . 

5- Conduct weekly follow-up visits with your mentee

6- CPR/AED/First Aid  Certificate Online 

7- Suicide Intervention Training

8- TEDDI Bear

9- Have  Smartphone. 

10. Background Check.

People with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply


After applying to be a mentor, you will go through a screening process which includes a background check, reference check and an interview. TFC will provide a comprehensive orientation and training before matching you with a mentoree.

Your mentoree will live in a neighborhood that is within comfortable traveling distance to you. As a mentor, you'll be part of a strong supportive team. Our  staff will be available to answer your questions and provide guidance at any time

Next Training
Next Training

July 24, 2021

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